Bourbon and Chardonnay

Vanilla Whiskey, Nectar Scotch, etc. Pretty much everything is fair game at this point in the high-end liquor game. As the market grows the options explode with no real end in site. This is not a dot com product with a crash looming, there's just no reason for it to not keep going.

The latest in creations is Bourbon aged in Chardonnay barrels rather than newly charred oak barrels. Sonoma-Cutrer Finish is “rich in sweet fruit notes and full of butterscotch, caramel and toasted oak character ."

The technical definition of Bourbon says that the goods have to be matured in oak barrels, but the distiller can finish them in whatever they want to. Sounds damned yummy and there are only 900 cases of the stuff. Get yours for US$89.99

Woodford Reserve


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