Christiana Vodka is looking for "The New Nude"

The search for the most compelling vision of the human form is on and a vodka company is going to find it.

I think we can find a new definition of irony when a product that does an excellent job of making almost anything beautiful when you've imbibed enough of it is now on the search for what is truly beautiful.

Christiana Vodka sees no irony and has taken in over 300 submissions from around the world for the definition of "The New Nude." The winner, voted upon by a group of pro's will have his picture on a billboard in a major intersection in New York.

Next to come is the Christiana Arts Foundation in 2008 which will help up-and-coming artists make something of themselves.

Christi Naked


Anonymous said…
Every submission is owned by the company. You aree agreeing to transfer copyright to them. Bad move!
Unknown said…
Well, the idea is to get your stuff known. Those are pretty much the submission guidelines to *any* contest you submit to. The company owns your work as they're the ones paying to spread the word.

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