Cork Really Is Better

Though I've never shied away from talking about wine issues here, I tend to keep it high level as there are just so many blogs that cover it already. My favorite stuff is to post about the wine events or some new site that covers the stuff in a unique way.

One of my latest causes is the importance of real cork in your wine bottle. There has been no substantial proof that plastic corks or screw caps do any better job of stopping a wine from getting corked, and the proof that is out there shows that the change in numbers is insignificant.

Cork is one of the rare sustainable items in the world today that allow for a forest to thrive and for people to make money without hurting the environment. The cork is the bark of an oak tree that can be stripped over and over without hurting the tree. The fact that money can be made this way ensures that the trees stay where they're at and the ecosystem that it's a part of gets a chance to succeed.

The first sustainability report is now out and shows just how much cork can do to help keep the wine flowing without the carbon imprint and landfill usage that plastic corks and screwcaps can cause. It won't solve the world's carbon problems, but it's a small way to do something right.

Cork facts


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