Heineken announces new techno-keg; puts your face on dancing robots

Heineken has become the new Kate Beckinsale of kegs with its super fancy CO2 system that makes all other kegs look like Lindsay Lohan.

The keg allows you to pull from the top like a true draft beer and the CO2 cartridge means no pumping your arm off, something you just don't want to do after your 4th beer.

Did I mention that they allow you to make a fresh, funky video with your face on a dancing robot? Though my best-kept secret is that I can actually dance like Justin Timberlake, now it's out for the world to see.

Check out my video here!


Brennan Falkner said…
My co-worker told me today that he got one over the weekend. The angle of the hose, and probably also the very fast but thin stream, made it difficult to not get lots of head. Although a pain to pump, the home-kegs I'm used to aren't hard to pour beer with, rather than foam. It's a great idea and the packaging is attractive, but could maybe use some improvement. Or maybe I just haven't had enough practice with it.

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