Sub Rosa Spirits launches Tarragon and Saffron Vodkas

Sub Rosa Spirits is a micro-distillery just southwest of Portland, OR that is now launching two of the more interesting vodka infusions that I've seen. One is Tarragon and the other is Saffron.

Vodka infusions are becoming the most interesting part of the vodka world though I've only seen a few that actually do it really well so it'll be interesting to see how these come out. I have seen more success with vodka blends, like Wasabe Vodka which is a blend of vodka and sake.

The Sub Rosa infusions are launching in Oregon this summer and the rest of the world throughout 2008.

Sub Rosa Spirits


Anonymous said…
From the source:

Tarragon vodka: Delightfully herbal and refreshing. This vodka is made from fresh French tarragon, grown in Oregon with a whisper of fennel and a hint of mint. The pale green color is all natural and derived from the herbal infusion. Great as a martini, but also as a 'float' over sparkling wine or a couple of ounces in a 'French 75'.

Saffron vodka: This bold infusion is a complex blend of 8 spices combined into a unique distillate. Almost curry like, but not really. Toasted cumin on the nose with a sweet, lemony coriander on the mid-palate. This infusion uses a generous amount of saffron [the most expensive spice in the
world]that gives it a warm golden glow. Serve over ice or with a little mango juice and a splash of lime.

Available in Oregon and Washington in September. TTB delayed label approval a month. May well be into Northern California by October.

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