Tequila marketed to women

Usually when I talk to just about any girl about tequila, they get a small smile across their lips and a distant look in their eye. This is almost always followed by a stern look and the words "No. Never again."

Inocente tequila is betting that there are plenty of girls who want to get that feeling back or, at the very least, discover that there might be a tequila they can drink that won't incite their gag reflex.

The bottle looks like a vase so the girls can use it for flowers or to smash across someone's two-timing, backstabbing, head. I will survive.

Ads should start popping up soon outside of stores like Dolce & Gabbana


That used to be me. Distant memories of partying, then puking, after three too many "tequila poppers" in college. Uh huh. Not pretty.

But, as a grown up Muse, I have learned to appreciate a quality tequila, and though I say so myself, I make a mean margarita. :-)

I am definitely an advocate of educating women on quality spirits... tequila being one of them!

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