The First Ginger Liqueur

After drinking Fever-Tree's Ginger Ale, I was wondering why there wasn't more stuff made out of ginger out there? Canada Dry's Ginger Ale and sushi have given it a rather narrow focus.

Canton is jumping on the Asian fusion train and launching their ginger liqueur which brings together rare baby ginger with a blend of VSOP and Grand Champagne Cognac, ginseng, vanilla beans, and a touch of honey. The product was actually introduce here in the U.S. in 1992 and lasted through 1997 but didn't take-off like they hoped as it was well before the Asian fusion craze.

Baby ginger is rare because it doesn't like to breed in captivity and much of it's nesting grounds have been eradicated to make way for glorious tractor factories.

This sounds like some great flavors and should open up some pretty interesting cocktail recipes.

It's available right now in New York with an LA launch next. The rest of the U.S. should get to see it through 2008.

Canton Ginger & Cognac Liqueur - US$29


I think that's a new bottle, but Canton isn't new:

They've had it at BevMo for a few years in the bottle shown in that link.

There are also other sweetened ginger brandies and ginger whiskeys, which are technically liqueurs.
Unknown said…

I said right in my post that it wasn't new. From what I understand the formula is new and it has been re-launched in the US.

The bottles at BevMo were imported and were not from US distribution.

Wikipedia has the rundown if you're interested.
Anonymous said…
New or Not, it's great! There are so many great cocktails you can make with it. I'm thinking of trying to cook with it, I'm sure I can come up with something very good...I'll keep you posted!
Anonymous said…
Paul Pacult gave it 5 stars - that's how amazing CANTON IS!!!!

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