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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nintendo DS Wine Game

You may not know it, but all the characters in these pictures are talking about wine.

The Nintendo DS is coming out with a game in Japan for wine lovers. Teaching the manners and advice on tasting wine, the "game" will educate players on proper drinking etiquette and on which type of intoxicant best matches different meals.

Developed by Square Enix (the guys who brought us the awesome Final Fantasy series), the title will arrive with a cellar stocked up with 120 different bottles of wine, a glossary, built-in quiz and a "guide to bluffing knowledge about wine."

This announcement is hot on the heels of their announcement about a month ago of Bartender DS, which allows you to be the digital mixologist.

Though you probably shouldn't expect to see these in english anytime soon, maybe you'll find a fanboy to translate for you. If so, wait anxiously for its November 15 arrival.

Nintendo game courts wine lovers