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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Opulent Vodka

As more and more vodkas try to capture a niche market, Opulent vodka launches in the Upper Midwest market.

The corn vodka is made proudly of No. 2 corn (I think that means the corn has an eraser at one end) straight from farmers in the Midwest. While most vodkas are imported this one is grown and made right here in The Heartland. The vodka has been developed for 7 years and it's distilled 5 times but they don't say what water they mix it with.

This vodka also goes back to previous statements, if you're careful what you use when you make it, you don't have to filter it 5 times. This vodka is distilled down to a 1 micron impurity and so doesn't even need a carbon treatment.

The vodka is available right now in Minnesota and just launched in South Dakota. Pricing and additional availability hasn't been announced.

Opulent Vodka