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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Review: 360 Vodka

360 Vodka is all about how eco-friendly they are. The bottle is 80% recycled material and the cap and label are 100% recycled. They pull grain from farms local to their distillery in order to reduce emissions and if you return the bottle, they recycle it again and give $1 to an environmental group. Those crazy gimmicks!

The bottle looks like:
Okay, we all know I hate talking about the bottle because there's a freakin' picture of it right there. But it has that super cool, resealable top like the old beer bottles. Yay! Vodka is fun again! Entertain your friends!

The vodka smells like:
It's a rather strong vodka smell. One that reminds me of Precis vodka with a mixture of ethanol. Okay, the smell didn't win me over. Am I getting to used to Scotch and Gin? I do not know. Who can know this? I can not.

The vodka tastes like:
It's...nice. I tried it first as a martini and there weren't a lot of flavors over the alcohol burn. It seemed like a rather standard vodka that you'd get in the well at most bars. Perfect for mixing. However, at US$28 a bottle it puts itself in the class of premium vodkas without the smoothness I wanted from it. The nice thing about it is that, as the vodka warmed to room temperature, it kept the gentle flavor it had and actually mellowed a bit, which is rare for almost any vodka and some of the aromatics even come out of it that gave me a hint of Juniper. That's nice.

The total scoop:
If you're going to buy a vodka in this class, it's worth buying. It's not the greatest $25-30 vodka I've had but it's good, makes for a great mixer vodka, and the green aspect of it makes worth every penny. Obviously, my review of this isn't glowing, but it falls somewhere in the middle and makes it so I don't have to buy as many carbon credits for the coal I burn trying to keep my Bratz dolls warm so they don't catch cold.

360 Vodka