Sobieski Vodka to launch in US

Take an extremely popular and good tasting vodka from another country and launch it in the US as the ultra-premium killer.

Sobieski is just such a vodka. It's tasty and smooth and from Poland. It will sell here in the US for $10.99 a bottle. The marketing is saying that it's an attempt to "overthrow overpriced vodkas." Named after Poland's King Jan III Sobieski who saved Europe from the Ottoman Empire it is a Rye vodka that is one of the most popular in Poland. There is no mention as to its distillation process or its blend in any of the releases out there.

The goods are being imported by Belvedere (no relation to the ultra-premium vodka producer that also makes Chopin) and you can start seeing it in stores and bars very soon.

Sobieski Vodka