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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stella Artois makes you love the Internet

Remember way back in the late 90's? You were new to the Internet and it was always fun to find cool new sites that showed something new and you wanted to be the first to share it with your friends?

Stella Artois brings back the love with their just launched site that's cooler than the other side of the pillow. Pushing Flash to the limits and showcasing unique video, great interaction, and a site with an actual "feel" rather than just pomp and circumstance.

I've been working the Internet since 1992 and this site immediately has made my top 10 of all time. Maybe #1? Time will tell.

Will you risk thwarting the gods of thunder in 1366 – or take on the 9 step pouring ritual to produce the perfect virtual pint? Find out for yourself.

You may not want to look at this one at work, you'll spend tons of time enjoying it and probably get called in to the boss's office for slacking off again. What will it take to get an honest day's work out of you?

Stella Artois Website


Stonch said...

Just my opinion, of course but... see here for my reaction to this campaign. Don't get taken for a ride.

Rick Dobbs said...

Your blog entry makes it look like they're Grifters trying to bilk me out of my lifetime savings that I use to supplement my fixed income.

Yes, they're trying to market something. If you don't like that, you may want to leave the Internet now.

I would rather support a site that shows that someone clearly put hard work and thought in to it and something cool comes out the other side.

Your own blog has advertising, I really don't see how you're above this.

Besides, I basically said that Stella Artois made a cool site. I didn't say "Stella Artois made a cool site so you should drink their beer."

It would seem that you're taking everyone for a ride with a weak attempt at trying to be controversial about something you've already approved of.

Chef Tom said...

Yeah I love Stella! and there website is pretty darn cool! Whenever I drink Stella I'm reminded of my trip to Gent, Belgium 2 years amazing !

Stonch said...

Just spotted your slightly odd reply. Sorry mate, you're way off the mark, and clearly a bit of an arrogant tosser.