Stiletto Vodka launches

New Orleans is the US home base for a new vodka imported from the depths of Kyrgyzstan, Stiletto Vodka is distilled six times and filtered five times by Master Distiller Vladimir Stepanovich.

The Stiletto brand is a first as it is an entirely woman owned spirits company and they take their commitment seriously. 25 cents from each bottle sold goes to support breast cancer research and another 25 cents goes to support the Emeril Lagasse Foundation which helps bring mentors and education programs to low income kids.

The vodka itself is a wheat vodka with artesian water added. It
is also available in natural flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and mint.

Stiletto Vodka


Anonymous said…
I was at the Stiletto Vodka Launch Party in New Orleans... WOW!!!! What a cool, sexxy brand with a very hip crew. The bottle is unique, sexxy and very cool. I'm no expert but I do drink Vodka as my native poison. I have to say it was the smoothest, best tasting Vodka I have ever had, blew my regular Hanger One right out of the ring. Highly recommend it and all the women attending with me that night at the event were in love with it. Plus its a Woman owned company, chicks selling Sexxy, Yummy Vodka...How Cool is That!!!
Anonymous said…
I was at the Stiletto Vodka Launch Event in New Orleans and this was by far the best event such as this that I have ever attended. I understand now why the event was so nice. Stiletto Vodka is the smoothest best tasting vodka I have ever tasted. If you have an opportunity to try Stiletto Vodka, do yourself a favor and please do. You will thank me later. For those who like flavored vodka, they also have Vanilla, Chocolate and mint and they are to die far!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi boyz, I wasn't at the NOLA Launch but I saw Stiletto and tasted Stiletto at JP Wine Bar in Kansas City with One Very Hip Mixologist, Mr. Ryan Maybee and OMG it is soooooooo smooth and tasty. He made me a drink with the Mint Vodka called the Stiletto Mo-Tini, its basically a Mojito Martini made with the Stiletto Mint Vodka and floated with a VSOP Ron Clemente Rum. Simply incredible, no mint in my teeth and lots of happy faces. I tried the flavors and they were subtle not syrupy yet they were so good. I was a total Kettel/1 drinker but NO MAS CHICA, Stiletto Rocks, I can actually drink it straight with NO burn. I have a friend who went to the NOLA launch and said it was stellar. I think it is so very hip that girls run this Vodka, I mean honestly guys Hot bottle, great Vodka, women running it.... all you need is a remote control, cheese doodles and a is good :-) Love... The ELF
Anonymous said…
I also made it to the launch in New Orleans, and had a great time. I think this is an OUTSTANDING vodka, and can't wait to be able to sell it here in KC. The Mint flavor is incredible, I can't believe no one thought of that before! Not only is this a great product, but it's backed by some GREAT people, I know it will do well. Thanks for the kind words, Laura!


Ryan Maybee
Jp Wine Bar

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