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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vuqo Vodka

One could almost create an entire blog on just covering vodka launches, whether it's new vodka's like VuQo or just a new flavor, you can post almost every day about the stuff.

Looking back at my own writing here, it would seem that's pretty much what I've done.

VuQo, however, has an interesting twist as it's distilled from coconut nectar. It's then distilled twice using a time-intensive distillation process that makes use of a series of sediment and carbon filters.

The vodka is from the Philippines which isn't exactly known for it's worldwide exports of vodka, it'll be interesting to see how it holds up in a world market.

It was developed by a group of food technologists from the University of the Philippines-Los BaƱos. Wait. What?

VuQo Vodka

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davidherd said...

I presently live in Abilene, tx. and love tasting a new vodka. I drink my vodka staight over ice. Now my problem ,living in west texas we aren't privy to the new stuff. some time years. Our purveyor here in abilene is Glasier. so if and when one of your sales person works their way to west texas please let me know.