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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Americana Vodka

Finally! A vodka by Americans, for Americans, and blessed by Uncle Sam himself!

Actually, there are a few American vodkas and Uncle Sam doesn't really endorse vodkas (though it might help the ATF bring in some funds), but this one is pushing itself as the vodka that is as American as apple pie, baseball, and despising people who despise NASCAR.

It's produced and bottled at the nation's oldest family distiller (doesn't say who), has a slow charcoal filter for carbon filtration (doesn't say how many times), and uses grains harvested from America, The Beautiful (doesn't say what type of grains).

It also doesn't say where it's going to launch, when it will launch, or how much it will cost.

But it's red, white, and blue dammit! Who needs facts when you have patriotism? Salute your vodka!

Americana Vodka
American Vodka Video


Anonymous said...

Bottle looks kool,but this isnt art class!.....never heard of it,.......... Grey Goose rules!

Anonymous said...

Truth is it's Grey Goose in a tri-color bottle. With a new name.
Vodka is the least expensive spirit to produce, all ot the high cost is due to the fancy bottle.

Rick Dobbs said...

I've removed all the anonymous positive remarks because there were people responding to comments that were not even approved yet. Whoever's doing the spam comments from the Americana marketing group needs to go back to school on how to properly market a product.

Anonymous said...

Tried it, no big deal - smother than grey goose, however left me with a bad head ache in the morning.

I think this new product is being overpriced by $20.00

A positive note: it is better than absolute.