Beer tasting kit to teach ignorant wine lovers

You wine-loving fool! Wine is just grapes and yeast! Can't you understand how much more complex beer is? PBR has an entirely different flavor profile than Bud Light! Why do I always have to explain these things to you?

Thank Bacchus that there's help for you poor, misguided souls who would rather talk about how jammy a wine is over the taste-laden love of a beer. has the full tasting kit that allows you to go from drunken frat boy to discerning beer lover. When you order your kit (which they point out is much cheaper than a wine tasting kit, just like beer!) you get a 13 hops tasting kit, access to their hops and terminology database, a quick start guide, a beer color swatch, a hops cheat sheet, and a beer appreciation guide.

Now when your wine snob friends look down at their glass and comment on the "legs" of the wine, you can tell them what ignorant swine they are and pop open a cold one.

Beer Tasting Kit - US$49.00


RJ said…
A Beer Tasting Kit? I am intrigued. This will definitely help in the war against Bud, Miller, and other "purveyors of the high-life" or the "Commish." Beer Snobs need to be heard!


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