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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bocaj Grape Vodka

Grape-based vodkas are starting to become more prominent than Britney Spears' driving record.

Bocaj is the latest entry in to the market and is being launched by Jacob Arabo, the jeweler to the stars. Apparently, this comes from an old Arabo family recipe that distills the grapes 4 times then blends it with mountain spring water.

The only old family recipe I have is Fried Chicken. You have to pick your parents carefully.

The bottle was designed by Arabo and gives off the feeling of a diamond. It's then wrapped in a blue velvet bag and tied off with a platinum rope.

It's available in New York right now and is starting to make it's way through national distribution. Tasty goodness and keen fashion sense will cost you though, a bottle is selling for around US$83.

Hey! Bocaj is "Jacob" backwards!

Bocaj Vodka