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Monday, October 08, 2007

Club Wine Web: Invitiation Only

Club Wine Web is the wine club with a bit of a different take.

The club showcases wines every month from boutique wineries at a pretty good discount, usually from wineries that don't offer regular discounts. You then get a promotion code that allows you to purchase additional bottles of the ones you like at a continued discount.

Club Wine Web gets different by being invitation only. You have to receive an invite from a current member of the club in order to get in. If you're a member, then you can get featured on the site and special discounts and promotional items. Invites are also given out at Wine Web sponsored events.

The site already has an extremely useful wine finder that searches all the major wine sites for that special wine you're looking for and it has a rather comprehensive database of wineries from around the world (over 34,000).

It's a nice bit of fun over the traditional wine club and makes up for the grammatical mouthful that is their slogan: "It's not about WHAT you know about wine, it's about WHO you know."

Most shipments cost around US$45.

Club Wine Web