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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mamietage - Wine and Nudity

Mamie van Doren was born in 1931 and has had enough work done that I'm rather amazed that her ears haven't met in the middle of her face yet. That being said, I hope I can look that good and have enough good Photoshop skils when I reach 113.

Math never was a strong point for me.

Mamie's got a wine that is young enough to be one of her great grandchildren. She's got herself on the label of 3 different bottles with stickers that can be removed to show the more strategic parts. Two of the labels are from recent pics while one of them is from way-back-when.

The magnum bottles (1.5L) sell in a pack of 3 for $300.

Mamiatage Wines
via Luxist