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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sit on your glass

Carlo Rossi is probably responsible for most of the jug wine that's out in the world today. He knows this. Rather than just be satisfied with making tons of money on the swill, he's being responsible and teaching people things they can do with those old jugs.

The Cabernet Couch is part of the Carlo Rossi Jug Simple Collection. It's made of 33 jugs and an old futon. The neon underglow gives it that "I'm serious, but I like to party" feeling. Just don't let the kids jump on it.

The couch is part of a collection of stuff including a chandelier, a lamp, a bookshelf, a tv stand, and a sound system, all made from wine jugs.

Carlo Rossi - Make Something

via BornRich


gwen sutherland kaiser said...

that is so cool. sucks you can't sit on it though.

gwen sutherland kaiser said...

i meant jump on it!