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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snow Leopard Vodka

The vodka train is really picking up steam. In the last week 6 vodkas have been introduced to me.

One of them is Snow Leopard vodka. It's been hanging out for the most part in a few upscale clubs in London and a few other select spots in the UK. However, it's starting to pick up enough interest to start branching out in to other areas.

The Polish vodka is derived from a type of wheat named "spelt." Spelt has been farmed for thousands of years and has a tough husk that allows it to be grown without using any pesticides. The spelt is then distilled four times and blended with water from an on-site deep water well.

Only Snow Leopard allows you the linguistic pleasure of ordering a Miaowtini. The flavors show hints of cream soda, vanilla and honey overtones.

You can get Snow Leopard online for about US$62 or at hip clubs and restaurants in the UK. There's no launch date set for when it might hit the US market. I'd have to be fairly impressed with the stuff to even want them to try.

Snow Leopard Vodka