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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snow Queen Vodka

A few months ago, Snow Queen vodka launched in Chicago. It's looking to take off in to the US at large and is being pushed by a company that knows its stuff.

Geom is one of the largest pure-vodka producers in the world and the largest in it's native country of Kazakhstan where it produces over 60 vodka products to the tune of 200 million bottles a year, in a country that is 9th largest in the world by area, but only has 15 Million people. You do the math.

The vodka itself is made of the famous, organic Kazakhstan wheat and then distilled five times through birch charcoal. It's then blended with water that has not only been softened, but has been through a multiple step process, including a sand filter and reverse-osmosis, to get the water as close to it's basest element as possible.

It's currently available in Illinois, Texas, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Coming soon to California, Colorado, and Connecticut. Retail price is around US$37.

Snow Queen Vodka