Wyborowa gets a new bottle

In 1823 a vodka was established in the home of vodkas. Wyborowa was one of the first modern distilleries in Poland, a place that had been producing the stuff since the 1600's. In 1927 they were the first vodka brand to register their name internationally.

Wyborowa is produced from 100% rye grain, using a double-step distillation process. No mention is made about the water it's mixed with.

The company has had some tough times thanks to the Polish market which has caused it to appear and disappear in stores. I've been told that the brand is back on the upswing and they've launched a new bottle design (shown) to celebrate it.

Frank Gehry designed the new bottle and adds it to his significant list of controversial designs including Toronto's Michael Lee Chin Crystal the titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

Wyborowa Vodka

Edit: Thanks to Francisco Alvarez, the Director of Communications at the Royal Ontario Museum for the fact check.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the plug, but Daniel Libeskind, not Frank Gehry, is the architect of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

Francisco Alvarez
Director of Communications,
Royal Ontario Museum.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the gut check. Fixed.

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