Electric Martini Maker

Martini's are such a difficult concept that Waring thought they would make it easier on all of us.

Okay, so I know that the reason for having this is for Coolness Value and not for the idea that you actually need a machine to mix your martini's.

The Waring Pro Electric Martini Maker can take your concoction and do the tedious work of mixing it by either stirring or shaking, depending on which button you press. Remember kids, stir gin, shake vodka.

The on light even has a green olive on it. But what if I want a twist?

Waring Pro WM007 Professional Electric Martini Maker - US$99.99
via Treehugger (Who says you need to buy carbon credits for owning this one)


"Stir gin, shake vodka"? I thought it was "stir clear drinks, shake juice drinks"?
Unknown said…
Not a bad mantra, however, when you make a vodka martini most people will want it shaken so you get a nice ice float on the top layer.

However, with gin, that will change the flavor of the gin significantly by adding the additional water, so you'll want to stir it to get it cold, but not leave the ice layer.
Anonymous said…
Personally I'm for the exact opposite. Vodka should be stirred to get chilled without being watered down. Gin should be shaken so the added water helps release the botanicals (like adding a drop of water to your single malt).
Anonymous said…
I disagree with shaking vodka, but to each his own. I've encountered many people who do like this shaken and that stirred, etc.

Anyway, I'd like to add by saying it's looked down upon when shaking a gin martini, as the vermouth will go cloudy and the flavour will change. In an extra dry martini this doesn't matter, and to be honest, I never add vermouth to my martinis regardless of what's requested (I bartend). If I were to make a drink for a friend, it might be different ;)

The same would go for vodka - I would not shake it, in fear of diluting it.

And to comment on shaking gin to release the flavor, simply pouring the gin over the ice in the shaker releases enough water to do this. It's the same idea as adding a drop of water to your scotch or allowing an ice cube to melt in it - it does spread out the flavors but you do not need that much water to do so at all.
Unknown said…
That's one of the reasons that I watch bartenders make my drinks. If I ask for a gin martini, I expect Vermouth.

You're right that the water does dilute the vodka, which, I think, is why more people like vodka martini's. It's a simpler flavor and it gets diluted. Vodka is just alcohol and water, adding a bit more water doesn't really change it that much.

Good point on the ice cubes being enough for gin, that's how I like it.
Where are you drinking that "more people like vodka martinis"?

You need to find a new bar :D
Lis Riba said…
I'm surprised nobody yet commented on the model number: WM-007 ???
Unknown said…
hah! Great point Lis. That one got past me.

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