Martini Glasses are Stupid did an instruction video on how to make a Sidecar (The drink, not an actual sidecar, you Hogan's Heroes loving genius). Unfortunately, they made it in a wine glass.

I always find it interesting how most people who make drinks talk about drink purity until they decide there's something that they don't like, then it's okay to change the drink however they want it.

But why in a wine glass? They made a short video as to why and I have to say, it's even a little bit valid.


The given reasons are not necessarily the fault of the glass but of bartenders and guests.

Bartenders: do not fill a glass (any glass) till the rim. Even a wine glass will spill!

Guests: please do not insist on a till the rim filled glass - it will spill...

However I do not think that for Medium Cocktails (I mean cocktails, which have not more than 3 oz ingredients, and are made with a spirit, one juice and liqueur or syrup) are better in a cocktail saucer (cocktail bowl) - they are merely shaken, hence have more volume...

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