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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Martini Groove's Gift Guide

Here's a bunch of stuff you can get me for Christmas, but if it works for someone else too, well, I guess that's okay.

Personalized Whiskey
I know what you're thinking: "If only there was some way I could get a 1993 bottle of whiskey personalized for the one I love so much." Tullibardine is doing just that for around US$60. You can get a sexy, albeit small, message put on your own whiskey bottle. A great way of telling him that you completely destroyed his collection of Tron memorabilia.

Tullibardine Personalized Whiskey Bottle
- US$60

Leather Wine Case
Why the hell would you spend US$255 on that 1983 Cain V for someone then put it in a $1.99 bag from Wal-Mart and give it to them? You might as well as just throw it at them as you drive by their house. What you need is a super-sexy wine presentation case. It's leather, it's hip, it's now. Plus it won't make you look like your grandmother who writes you an eleven dollar check every year for your birthday.

Leather Wine Case - US$72

Electronic Wine Bre
Just a little bit of breathing can change that Two-buck Chuck in to something that most people find drinkable. The Electronic Wine Breather makes it so that you can compress two hours worth of breathing in to one minute. Do not attach it to your trachea in order to help you get more air while working out.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries which gives it enough juice for about 230 bottles of wine. It should last about a week!

Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather - US$47

Takeout Martini Cups
Sometimes you want to be more mobile with your martini but you're just not able to make it happen without being concerned about the delicate stemware you "liberated" from that hotel when you were on the business trip to Manhattan.

These takeout martini cups are just like the tuxedo t-shirt: They say "I'm serious, but I'm ready to party."

Takeout Martini Cups - US$9.99

The T
hree Martini Playdate - A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting
As someone who l
oves a martini on occasion and has children that sometimes drive him to drink martini's, this book is a breath of fresh air in the "You Are Not Alone" category.

With subjects covered such as "Children's Music: Why?" and "Self Esteem and Other Overrated Concepts" you'll find yourself snuggling up with a nice gin and tonic while Junior goes and plays alone in the other room with a lot less guilt than you used to have about it.

The Three Martini Playdate - US$10.36

The Craft of the Cocktail Deck
There's no shame in having references for making some of those great party drinks. I'd rather see a host referring to a book or this snazzy cocktail deck over him/her making me another crappy all-vodka martini.

This deck has 50 recipes to make the drinks that make you look like a pro, plus plenty of tips for releasing the inner bartender in you. No, not the "inner bartender" that just ignores people while he gives free drinks to the counter person from Taco Bell.

The Craft of the Cocktail Deck
- US$14.95

The Gamerator
Standing around at a full-sized video game system that has 150 licensed games inside of it, plus a Gametap subscription which gives you access to another 1000+ games is cool as hell. Now, take all of that coolness then add a beer tap to it and you've got something cooler than Billy Dee Williams sitting on an ice block.

The Gamerator holds a "pony" keg and chills it to 38 degrees, which also happens to be the same temperature of the glare you'll get from your girlfriend when she sees you standing in front of it for the 9th day in a row, but at least you'll have a frosty brew in hand.

The Gamerator - US$4000

St. George's Absinthe
Now that Absinthe is being officially made in the United States again, thanks to a tenacious lawyer (they do have their uses!) and the Alameda distillery that also makes Hangar One vodka, why not celebrate with that special someone by downing a bottle?

This stuff won't make believe that you're the new power forward for the Lakers, but it does have complex flavors and it's made in the old-school style of Absinthe, Wormwood and all. The one problem is that you'll have to probably make the treck to Alameda to get yourself one of the 3,500 bottles being made this year.

I, for one, welcome our new Absinthe overlords.

St. George's Absinthe
- US$75

There you go, from cheap to outrageously priced, I've covered the whole gambit so that you don't have to! Happy Shopping!


Paul Arthur said...

Considering that St. George's Absinthe isn't being released until December 21, the scheduling's a bit tight to actually purchase it in time for Christmas gift-giving.

Rick Dobbs said...

Well, if you're actually in a place that you can make it to Alameda to pick it up (as I mentioned), I don't think there'd be a problem.

Lis Riba said...

Re: The Three Martini Playdate, have you seen the Baby Mix Me A Drink board book for infants?

My husband's a bartender, and I got him a copy last Hannukah (along with vintage reprints of historical cocktail recipes) and it's a hoot!