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Friday, November 23, 2007

Must have bottles for every liquor cabinet

Maybe all you need is a decent vodka, a twist of lemon, and a shaker for your bar because a crisp vodka martini suits you just fine as your drink of choice at home.

But what happens when you have people over and they want a gin martini? Or a Tequila Sunrise? Or, if they're a 22 year old girl and just started drinking, a Hurricane?

The San Francisco Chronicle has your solution: the bottles and brands that every basic bar needs to contain. You may not know your gins from your tequilas but they can help with some great recommendations.

Must-have bottles for a liquor cabinet

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Dr. Bamboo said...

For a nice, all-around go-to rum, I'd also suggest Cruzan Estate Diamond. It's got solid taste and can usually be found for under 15 bucks a bottle.