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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The New Rules of Cocktails

Though the rowdy bars and keg-standing frat parties still have their place in the world of drinking, more and more bars are turning in to suave affairs with rules and a bit of circumstance.

I'm all for the sakebomb, the body shot, and Purple Hooters, but those are occasional things. As more and more flavor varieties come out in an alcoholic form, bartenders are creating taste sensations that are meant to be savored and discussed in a civilized manor.

The LA Times has published an article that sums up the basics of the new rules for the new bars that are creating tasty treats for the few to enjoy, rather than the Watermelon shots for the masses.

The basics? No yelling, no annoying name-dropping, introduce yourself, don't leave the bar like you just came from a bachelorette party, and introduce yourself to someone you don't know. I like the last one a lot because it beats just staring at a girl's breasts until she calls security on you.

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The new rules of cocktails

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Kevin Erskine said...

Those bastards at the LA Times require log-in. Please violate copyright laws and repost here...