Review: Martini Rosso Vermouth

When I got a few bottles from Martini of their latest stuff, I wasn't in that big of a hurry to try it out. Sure, the bottles looked new, and snazzy, and much, much bigger, but no big deal, right?

I was completely surprised when I opened up the bottle of Rosso. Sure, the stuff has been around since 1863 (it was the original vermouth), but I hadn't had much occasion to taste it by itself, except maybe in a Manhattan.

The rich flavors and taste of caramel made it an instant hit with everyone in the house at the time (that is to say, 4 people and several stuffed animals who claimed they were old enough to drink).

Make sure you have some of this in your bar. It's the best US$6.99 you can spend on your bar.

Martini Rosso


Mike said…
That's seriously only seven bucks?! How big is the bottle?
Unknown said…

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