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Monday, November 05, 2007

Review: Stlletto Vodka

From Russia: With Love
Stiletto Vodka is girl-power, personified. It brings together old-world Russian know-how and plops it in to the heart of New Orleans, the land of Kick It Up A Notch and is owned by women who clearly love the stuff.

The wheat vodka is six-times distilled and five-times charcoal filtered. It comes in straight vodka flavors as well as mint, chocolate, and vanilla.

25 Cents from each bottle goes to breast cancer research and another 25 cents goes to help a program that finds mentors for at-risk kids. I'm already feelin' the love.

For Your Eyes Only
The bottle is sleek and is well-designed to match the name of the stuff. Though the vodka is produced in Russia, it has New Orleans' sense of style when it comes to the bottle itself.

Tomorrow Never Dies
I first tried the straight vodka. It was everything that these guys advertise. The vodka is crisp and smooth and doesn't have a single bite anywhere in it. It was almost refreshing as I drank it in a martini. It's perfect for those complicated drinks that require the vodka to make itself known but get itself out of the way at the same time.

Die Another Day
I took some of the mint vodka, put it in an iced shaker with a bit of Godiva Liqueur, shook it up, and poured in to a chocolate rimmed glass. My Mint Chocolate Chip Martini was the perfect dessert drink without being heavy or overly sweet.

The World is Not Enough
Stiletto's the real thing. It's not some mom and pop vodka trying to make it's way in their own little corner of the world. This stuff is crisp, clean, and is ready for the big-time. In a world full of vodkas trying to tell me how smooth they are, this stuff does the trick and makes sure that some of the money they make goes to places that matter. The flavors are well thought out and executed and the bottle itself deserves a spot among the regular vodkas in any bar.

You can get Stiletto in Louisiana and Florida right now. Keep a look out for it to come to your state in the month's to ahead.

Stiletto Vodka

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Anonymous said...

I tried Stiletto at a great dinner they hosted in New Orleans last July during the Tales of the Cocktail (which is awesome BTW) The dinner was at Emeril's Delmonico and was hosted by Teresa Glidewell one of the owners. I'm in the business and work for a competitor but Holy Olive Juice Batman, this is the REAL THING, you are so right on!!! I told my boss that this product is gonna rock somebody's world and if one of the Big boys like Moet, Diageo or Brown takes these cats to the dance Look Out....Teresa was so cool and her whole team seemed like great people, they are really passionate about what they are doing and for good reason. In a jaded world of Vodka its so refreshing to read someone's perspective that gets it and is not afraid to support the girls....Keep writing good stuff...Love The HerbQueen