Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka comes to the US

There are a few Bison Grass vodkas out there, but there's only one made from Bison Grass located in Europe's last primeval forest. The vodka has been made in Poland since the 14th Century and is now coming to the U.S.

A herd of 400 Bison live in the forest where the grass is taken from, so it's almost like you're communing with nature as you enjoy the vodka that is said to be very aromatic.

The press release says that the vodka hasn't changed much in 400 years, but the website says it hasn't changed much in 600 years. I think they need to figure out which it is because if it's the time of Henry IV's reign, there's *no way* I'm going to mix it with the same stuff as I would if it was the time of Western Hemisphere Colonization, that just wouldn't make sense.

The water for the vodka comes from the ecologically cleanest area of Poland and the flavor is garnered by flushing vodka through the dried grass multiple times. The bottle is topped off by adding a single blade of bison grass to each one.

Available right now in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey as well as Chicago.

Zubrowka Vodka - 750ml bottle for $US$26.00


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