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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 wines that are the perfect last minute gift (and won't dent your wallet)

Time is running out and the last thing you want to do is actually think about what you should get for that office co-worker that just got you a fruit basket. Now you have to get him something because you weren't planning on him actually getting you something. The Holiday rules are very complicated. So, you can join The-March-Of-The-Totally-Stumped to Hickory Farms or you can throw one of these wines in a nice gift bag and show up with some style.

I went to Super Sommelier Courtney Cochran and gave her a mission: Give me a list of wines that are actually widely available, are inexpensive, but won't make you look like a cheapskate if you give someone one or show up at a party with it. She came back with a great list. Read on True Believer:

Dr. Loosen Dr. L Riesling, Germany - $11.99
A quality Riesling that is more on the sweet side and great for spicy foods.

Goats Do Roam White, South Africa - $10.00
Fruity fun that gives you tastes of peach, apricot, and honey

SoloRosa Rose, California - $11.98
50% Sangiovese, 50%Merlot, 100% yummy. If you haven't jumped on the Rose bandwagon yet, now's your time! Impress your friends because you know what's old is new again.

Marques de Caceres Rosado, Rioja, Spain - $7.00
Cherries and plums and great with light grilled food. Did I mention it was 7 bucks?

Prosperity Red Cabernet Sauvignon, California - $7.00
That's right, the Cab you've been wanting for under 10 dollars. What's that flavor you can't quite put your finger on there, lingering among the cherries? Mint!

Layer Cake Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia - $15.00
There are a few different vineyards that fall under the Layer Cake domain, but all of them are good. Why is it "Layer Cake?" Because it's full of nice layers of flavors, just like a good layer cake.

And for New Year's Eve!
Pommery "Pop" Extra Dry Champagne (split), France - $10.00
Dry, a bit of sweetness, and a smaller bottle for the intimate gatherings.

Hey, don't say we never gave you 'nuthin. All Hail the Groove!