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Monday, December 10, 2007

Review: Pama Liqueur

The last few weeks have been a plethora of trying liqueurs and Absinthe. Oh Lord, so much Absinthe.

The bottle of Pama is very pretty and tall and has a pomegranate tree on it. It seems to say "You can drink me on the rocks or mixed in to your favorite drink" just by its very look. It also says that with text right on the bottle.

The taste
This is where it falls apart. To wit:

Pama vs. Cough Syrup
I tried Pama first just on the rocks. It reminded me of cherry flavored cough syrup, which tastes nothing like cherries, but tastes like cherry flavored stuff. Pama doesn't even taste like pomegranate flavored cough syrup, but some sort of imitation cherry flavored cough syrup.

As you might be able to tell. I didn't like the stuff very much.

I went in search of a bar that was serving the stuff. I found a few that used to serve it, but had to stop because they felt pretty much the same way about it that I did.

I finally found a bar that was not only serving the stuff, but actually had a very popular drink that they made with it. The drink was actually very good, it consisted of this:

Pear Pama-tini
Absolut Pear Vodka
Pama Liqueur
Lime Juice
Combine ingredients with ice in a shaker, shake well, pour in to a martini glass and garnish with a lime.
As I drank it, I got the delicious hint of pear and lime, with a subtle hint of cherry-flavored cough syrup. But mostly pear.

So, basically, Pama Liqueur is good if you cover it up with some other strong flavored alcohol such as Absolut Pear or say...gasoline.

I often give away the stuff that is sent to me for review as I just can't drink it all and it just ends up making me look like a complete lush if I just let it sit around. However, I'll be keeping the Pama for my next cold.

Pama Liqueur

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

kinda feel the same way as you.
I was disapointed cause at the MGM grand in vegas, Rouge bar made an amazing drink with it called the Rouge.

"The signature Rouge Cocktail is served over house-made pomegranate ice cubes"

Bartender said they used PAMA, but now i know the tart and sweet tastes mostly came from the ice cubes which seemed to be crushes and frozen pomegranite seeds (without the pulp).

I am actually drinking absinthe now, my own absinthe drink: