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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Right Gin launches

Usually Las Vegas steals classy things from elsewhere (Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo, Hooters) then throws a few slots in and an expensive shop and calls it their own. Not this time.

The need for Right Gin came about from a drunken evening in Vegas and the search for the recipe crossed the globe. What did they settle on? They included soft water from Lake Bolmen in Sweden, corn grain that is distilled five times, Juniper from Austria, Coriander Leaf from India, Cardamom from Russia. Add in lemon and Bergamont from Sicily, Lime and Bitter Orange from the West Indies, Black Pepper from Borneo, and you have a cosmopolitan gin with a huge flavor profile.

Bottled and shipped in Sweden, then brought to the US for the ultimate gin lover. If you're in New York, Boston, or Chicago, you can get the stuff starting this month at US$35 a bottle.

Right Gin