Saaga 1763 Vodka Launches in U.S.

Saaga 1763 is the latest to launch in a crowded market of vodka's that are the latest to launch.

The good thing is, they know exactly just how crowded the market is and what an uphill battle they have ahead of them. Rather than a super slick advertising campaign throwing millions at TV and print, they've decided to go straight to the bartenders and mixologists of the world and get them to fall in love with the stuff.

And what's not to love? The rye vodka comes from heirloom estate rye, then is selected using Spectral Fluorescence Signature Technology, a fancy name for using light bulbs to sort the rye.

Once this is done, they use a very slow, very precise distillation process that makes it so no filtration is required because the purity is already where they want it to be.

The vodka is going to sell for between US$30 and $50, which is quite the range. I see it online for around US$40. It's currently available in Texas, New York, Florida, and California with hopes to spread as it's popularity does.

Saaga Vodka


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