Wine pros say tap water tastes better

Decanter magazine brought together a few Masters of Wine, some sommeliers, and a few other great palates to see which bottled water really tastes best. Just for kicks they threw in some tap water to see where it would rank among the high-end waters.

The result? Tap water made from the Thames river through a public water processing plant ranked 3rd out of 25 of the world's most expensive waters. Many of the brands we haven't heard of in the US, but the river water beat out brands we do know by a big margin, including Evian, Bling H20, and Fiji.

One of the waters it beat, 420 Volcanic, costs US$43 for about a quart of New Zealand's finest bottled water. Only two bottled waters beat the tap water and only by a slim margin.

Bottom line? Bottled water just isn't worth it. Unless you live in a highly sulfuric region or have to draw water from a mud puddle, there's no sense in paying outrageous prices for something that you can get for free, and is often better for you because it has the minerals in it, and fluoride for shiny teeth!

Tap water beats top brands at Decanter tasting


Anonymous said…
cool! that is interesting and awesome... thanks, gwen
Mike said…
Bottled water is the developed world's biggest scam. I refuse to buy it. Much of the water is just municipal water that's been filtered, bottled, and shipped. Then, it has to be shipped, which consumes energy, causing environmental harm. And of course, all those plastic bottles can't be good. Also, in places like Maine and Fiji where they bottle spring water, local water tables are becoming heavily depleted. It's not to have confirmation from some people with clout that tap water tastes just fine.

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