2008 already rules you in the pants

Wow, what an amazing New Year! The two weeks off did me good and Martini Groove is coming back stronger than ever.

Of note:

- Martini Groove is now part of the FoodBuzz network. One of the new, hot networks of food and drinking articles. This will make me wildly popular and make me great at parties. This means that there will be some ads running on the site, but I promise you this, all money will go exclusively to weekly drinking binges. So click on those banners!

- You'll be seeing even more of me in Nightlyfe magazine. The magazine is going to start publishing me monthly in print and their ezine and they are increasing their circulation so you can buy it at newsstands in places like Borders, Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton Booksellers, Hastings, Walden Books, and lots more places. If you would like a signed copy, please send one to me. I will then return it with a picture of my bare ass and a recording of me laughing at you.


Anonymous said…
i love that picturrre... hey, congrats!

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