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Monday, January 14, 2008

The classic cocktail lounge with geek cred

Eyecandy lounge at Mandalay Bay not only has the finest in fresh cocktails and signature drinks, but has interactive touch tables with iPod docks. The table allows you to plug in your iPod, see your playlists, then the DJ can select from it and play it over the main sound system.

Finally! You can show the world how "hip" you are by making sure that Tokyo Rose and Massive Attack are at the top of the list. Just be sure to hide your Captain and Tennille: The Early Years from prying eyes.

The dance floor itself is interactive so when you dance on it, it will light up and bring attention to how light on your feet you are when you show the world how you can Smurf and Cabbage Patch.
Here's my favorite part of the whole deal: It's one of Vegas' only non-smoking nightclubs. Table service costs around US$200 an hour (fairly average) and drinks are an inexpensive US$6-10.

Here's some video of it.

via BornRich