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Monday, January 14, 2008

Martini: Bruising the gin debate

I'll just start with saying this: You can't bruise gin.

However, you don't want to shake it so much that it's filled with little ice crystals and waters it down so much you'll feel like you're in a Speakeasy.

The shaking vs. stirring debate rages on and will almost always come down to personal preference. Stirring blends the ingredients (try it with different colored spirits and you'll see) while shaking it actually emulsifies it, changing the flavor.

We can all get along here. Just ask the bartender what you'd prefer and they should be glad to do it. They would rather make you a drink you like over just making you a drink that you'll tolerate.

You can read more about these life-changing items as well as research from around the world that is changing cocktail shaking technology so we can all have a brighter tomorrow.

Martini: Shaking can bruise the gin


JustBuzzed said...

I agree that gin can't be bruised, but what can happen is that if you shake it too much, the air bubbles that make the drink "cloudy" change the taste as they eventually come out of the gin. I think it's this that you are trying to avoid when you stir or shake gently.

The Unsober Life

Kevin Erskine said...

Sorry, it's not air bubbles making the gin cloudy, it's the change in temperature - the drop in temperature affecting the congeners in the spirit.

Martinis are meant to be as cold as possible.

There is no way to get a martini cold enough with stirring.

Shaking is the best way to get your martini ice cold - and anything less than ice cold is nothing more than cooler alcohol.

It's not using ENOUGH ice in your shaker that cause problems.

Too little ice is too quickly melted by the alcohol..causing too much dilution without enough transfer of "cold" to the alcohol.

Your shaker should be completely filled with ice. Add the Gin (or vodka if you must) and Vermouth (enough of this "dry" martini stupidity). Shake the hell out of it for 10 ish seconds. Pour into a pre-chilled martini glass and garnish with olives or a twist (Adding a cocktail Onion = Gibson NOT Martini).

You WANT a little dilution in your martini. Jut not too much.