Orange Liqueur's are important dammit

This is a great story. It starts out with an anecdote about some wanna-be connoisseur who order a high-end vodka then proceeded to dump a powdered Cosmo mix in it and then called it a "Real Cosmopolitan."

Just like the guy who orders a Red Bull and Grey Goose because he thinks he can taste the difference. Bonehead.

Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, and Countreau are all vital to mixing certain drinks and shouldn't be substituted with non-alcoholic mixers or powders. Yes, this includes "Stirrings" that everyone seems to be buying at Cost Plus and BevMo.

Just say No. Keep it real. There's plenty of fish in the ocean. It looks like the upper hand is on the other foot, etc, etc.

Read about these important orange liqueurs and some you haven't heard of in this Washington Post article.

Splurges you can't afford to skip


Anonymous said…
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Kers said…
Take that Spam comment down...they annoy me.

ANNNYWHO A friend of mine brought a bottle of Stirrings Bloody Mary mix on a camping trip...and I will tell you it was right up there with the best "made from scratch" bloody mary mixes that I have EVER had...
JustBuzzed said…
You can't forget Curacao! It's the other major orange liqueur's and has it's place too. Although they are usually lower alcohol, I have seen some specialty brands that are 80 proof.

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