Tequila boom means tequila bars

One of the age-old questions is almost always "What wine goes with Mexican food?" The answer is always complicated but without much cause, the Good People of Mexico have already solved the problem for us.

Not only are Mexican restaurants starting to stock hundreds of tequilas but tequila bars are popping up all over that allow you to sample hundreds of tequilas. The tequilas are much like wine and always have a story about their production and their taste ranges from burn-your-throat to sipping-smooth.

When you walk in to a bar and it has 96 blanco tequilas, 130 reposados, 121 aƱejos, some snacks to help you not fall over, then you know you've found the right tequila place.

Tequila has changed significantly since the time you made that "Girls Gone Wild" video on Spring Break in Cancun (Wow, did your kids feel awkward). The good stuff has no burn, is great for sipping (shooting is ridiculous), and costs enough that you'll be glad that The Fed lowered interest rates again.

The LA Times has an article about some of the places in SoCal that you can check out but it seems to be the standard for most cities. Check it out.

Tequila bars take flight


JustBuzzed said…
The only problem I found with these tequila bars is that sometimes you find an amazing tequila with some obscure distributor and you can never find it outside that bar! Boo! It was like that for Espolon when I was in Austin. I can only find it online.

The Unsoberlife
Anonymous said…
Great Tequila info/tasting website: www.TequilaRack.com

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