Toga Party Science

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies and Services at San Diego State University recently did a study of college parties and came up with a stunning revelation: Playing drinking games at parties leads people to have higher blood alcohol content.

Okay, so your tax dollars weren't a total waste. They also came up with a few other handy conclusions:
• Having a lot of drunk people at a party led to a higher overall average blood alcohol level
• Girls tended to drink more at themed parties than they would at a party that they attended without a costume
• Larger parties tended to have less drunks

Of course, this basically gives a guideline for frat boys to throw a party: Make sure your party has a theme and don't invite too many people.

They plan to continue this study in order to help find out how they can get party-hosts to safely stop drinking games without killing the party and to ensure that everyone at the party can absolutely, positively, get sex.

Inside college parties: surprising findings about drinking behavior

Note: I'm not sure if they used the correct adjective on their findings. Is any of this really surprising?


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