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Monday, February 04, 2008

45th Parallel Vodka

If you travel the 45th Parallel around the world you'll find yourself in quite a few interesting places. It's just about halfway between the equator and the North Pole and will take you through China, Russia, and Italy.

It also takes you through the infamous (that means MORE than famous) North Central Wisconsin. Exotic locales have ways of inspiring people to make exotic things.

Most American-made vodkas purchase neutral spirits from some company in Iowa then blend in their own spirits in small batches to give it a uniqueness. Not necessarily the worst thing in the world (The worst thing in the world is well known to be a Clown in a Van®), but it does leave something to be desired when you're talking about the overall story of your vodka.

(Let the comments begin by vodka-producers crying foul about how they would *never* do such a thing)

45th Parallel Vodka does the whole thing from scratch and made from grain that comes from a farm that sits right on the 45th Parallel. The grain that it comes from gives it a sweetness, even in the aroma, something quite different from the medicinal smells you get from most vodkas. Because it's small batch, the flavor varies just a bit from batch to batch (this is a good thing).

Head on over to their site for more info as well as a detailed description about how it's made, except for what kind of water they use.

45th Parallel Vodka is available at Crossroads County Market in Wausau, and Hereford & Hops Steakhouse and Wagon Wheel Supper Club. Yeah, I don't know where those are either, but you can start looking for it in Madison and Milwaukee within the next couple of months.

45th Parallel Vodka