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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The basics of Port

Too many people are missing out on the beauty of Port. It's a sweet, fortified wine (no, not like Thunderbird) that has every bit as much of a place at dessert as Cognac or brandy.

Ports come in three styles: Ruby, tawny, and white. Rules say that only the stuff from Portugal can be called "Port" while anything else can be called "Porto" or sometimes, "Oporto." Casks, grape type, aging, and origin all come in to play with Port just as it does with wine.

If you're in or around Lodi, CA on February 23 from 4-7pm, the Fortified Wine Association is having the first ever Port tasting event since Prohibition in the U.S., a great way to get to know the product better.

Fortify Yourself: Learning the Basics of Port
Sweet and Fortified Wine Association