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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drink well with

Edit to the Edit: Clever logo should also have the full clever name.

Edit: The site seems to be down. Not sure if we killed it or they were going to kill it and the new popularity made them take it down. I will give you info as soon as I have some.

Going to new towns is never easy when you're looking for a good drink. You usually have to go on some concierge's advice who never goes out or, if the hotel doesn't have a concierge, some other guy in the bar who's been to that town two more times than you have.

Zagat has introduced Drinkwell to let you know just where to go and what to expect from a city's local watering holes. Just as they've done for restaurants, they've put together a list of bars and clubs in most major cities that give you the booze ratings based on professional and user reviews.

The ratings are based on the drinks themselves (quality of mixers, selection, etc), service, and then by cost, so you can show up anywhere in the US and walk around like a local, only expecting the best cocktails. Hey, it sure beats the mini-bar and trying to see how many sewing kits you can collect.

Zagat's Drinkwell


Anonymous said...

I think we killed it. I'm getting a message saying is no longer available.

Anna M-W said...

It's showing: "the website is no longer available."

This is such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Cool concept - I hope people add some nice bars and venues to the list in other metro areas. Some of the listings, in cities other than mega-metro areas, are all chains.

Anonymous said...

try ""