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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Howcast is making how-to even better

The how-to market has gotten fairly popular with WikiHow and others trying to get your attention. Howcast adds functionality to the how-to idea by making it easy to watch as well as making it easy to use over and over again.

As an example, their How To Make a Classic Martini video shows off all of the cool features of their videos. Their video timeline lets you skip back and forth in the video to specific steps that are bookmarked as well as displaying text of the steps right below the video.

As drink making guides are starting to abound (including this crappy one that Liquor Snob pokes fun at), getting good, easy-to-use information is becoming harder to find. There are lots more where this one came from on the site too.

Also, Tamara is freaking hot. If you're going to watch someone teach you to make a drink, you might as well enjoy what you're looking at.

Here's a sample of what the embedded player looks like, but head over to the site to see the full functionality.