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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Martini Workout

Though I've been "In-Training" on The Martini Workout for years now, working out up to 4 nights a week, I've come to realize that my training regimen itself may be suspect.

I've been diligent and hardworking about making sure to get a good balance of gins, vodkas, and the occasional Cosmo (because Cranberry Juice will prevent bladder infections).

As it turns out, the glass is neither half-empty or half-full. It's, depressingly, completely empty and used as a balance in order to help you with your "core" strength (My "core" strength is the ability wax poetic about almost any brand of gin).

The classes are individually designed based on your body type and ability to actually do a push-up or not, a useless measure that I gave up long ago mostly because I prefer to not set myself up for failure.

The Martini Workout