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Friday, February 29, 2008

MGD 64 Launches

Drinking is a high calorie intake hobby. Drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea have 800 calories (a third of your daily needs) and even drinks that seem harmless, like a gin and tonic, have around 250 calories. If you want to drink a lot and look good, you have to give up a lot of other things in order to workout more, such as a job, friends, and feeding your children. It's a thankless task.

Miller wants to help the kids get fed. They've introduced MGD 64. Now I know what most of you're thinking, "Sweet! A Super Big Gulp full of beer!" but that's not what it is. Though I'm sure they kicked around the idea of a beer ThirstBuster, MGD 64 is a 64 calorie beer in the Miller Genuine Draft stable.

Now, most light beers have around 110 calories (as a matter of fact, 110 seems to be the magic number that most light beers try to achieve), so you're not saving yourself a ton of calories if you're having one beer. However, if it's a typical Saturday night with you, a case of beer, and a Real Doll, you're probably going to stave off that beer gut just a bit more by drinking this one.

You can look for it right now in the Midwest, Arizona, San Diego, and Sacramento where it will replace MGD Light. The rest of the US is to come.

Miller Brewing


Anonymous said...

I tried this new 64 and I think Miller really screwed this one up royally. It is the most tasteless beer I have ever tried. I loved MGD Light. Bring it back now!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think it really lost all that much taste... one needs to remember it is a light beer!