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Monday, February 04, 2008

More SMS Help from Martini Groove

In response to some of the thank you e-mails from my recent post on SMS info, I've made a little useful tool that you can use while out.

Text martinigroove to 41411. You'll get a response on your phone with a Random Drink and the ingredients in the drink.

Because of SMS limitations you won't get the directions for making the drink, but here are some things it will be useful for.

  1. It beats telling the bartender "Surprise me" and the blank look you get in return.
  2. If you're out and want something different to drink but don't know what, here you go.
  3. Stump the bartender!
  4. Play drinking games!
  5. Two words: World peace!
Careful though, that could be a lot of text messages and standard text messaging rates apply (I learned that from Ryan Seacrest).