MuchoTE Tequila Launches

Tequila's a funny thing. It's gaining vodka-like popularity which means that the gimmicks to get you to drink it are becoming even more gimmicky. It's starting to remind me of razor blades.

When you buy a good tequila, you don't want to go on its diamond charms glued to the bottom of the bottle or hand-blown bottles or the fact that they tell you it cures SARS. What you want is a good tequila that's sippable, drinkable, and maybe tastes good with an oyster (Okay, that could just be me).

Dave and Will of MuchoTE tequila used to work for the big tequila vendors and realized that there was something missing in the market. MuchoTE is giving you exactly what you want. They're launching their reposado tequila over the next few weeks with the promise that you can get a great reposado for under US$30. They want you to buy their tequila, not their bottle.

Right now, the stuff is available in Colorado with Arizona, California, Georgia, New Mexico, and Tennessee coming online in the next month or so.

MuchoTE Tequila


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